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From left to right, the flags of
Bulgaria, Romania, Russia,
China, and Germany

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Chelyabinsk, Russia

Yibin City, China

Accra, Ghana

Columbia's Sister Cities

Sister Cities of Columbia, South Carolina, is a global citizen diplomacy program. It is dedicated to furthering understanding among the citizens of Columbia, South Carolina, by encouraging and assisting the city and its citizens to link with similar communities throughout the world. The World Affairs Council has administered the Sister Cities program on behalf of the City of Columbia since April of 1996.

Strengthening Columbia's Sister City relationships will give Columbia and its citizens the opportunity to experience and explore other cultures through long-term municipal partnerships. As our communities and state become increasingly multicultural, international linkages such as these will be crucial to improving the quality of life for all residents in the Greater Columbia area. 

The Sister Cities of Columbia program works to stimulate environments through which the citizens of the Midlands and their international partners can work together to solve problems, as well as enjoy the economic and cultural advantages that come with increased trade and tourism. Some of the benefits to the Midlands and to its citizens include: 

  • promotion of multicultural education through two-way, reciprocal learning based on mutual respect and interest

  • economic growth--both public and private through trade and tourism

  • cultural and artistic exchanges that will not only bring diverse sectors of the community together, but will raise their level of awareness about the importance of global tolerance and understanding.

Sister Cities International

The Sister Cities of Columbia program is a member of Sister Cities International.

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